The NANOAMP L200 Dual Line/Buffer Amplifier is an inexpensive high performance amplifier, which is ideal as a gain block, attenuator, impedance converter and signal splitter. It can also be configured as a stereo to mono summing amplifier with the addition of an internal jumper. The inputs provide a balanced 40k ohm bridging impedance for line levels up to +24dBm. Two screwdrivers adjust, full range gain controls provide 28dB gain at full clockwise rotation, unity gain at twelve o'clock and a smooth audio taper to full off.

Features & Benefits:

• +22dBm low distortion outputs drive balanced or unbalanced 600 ohm lines.

• The L200 uses rugged XLR type input and output connectors.

• Quiet external UL approved 24VDC wall mount power modules comfortably drive several NANOAMPS

• Battery packs and DC to DC converters for portable use are also available.

• Stack them or rack mount one, two or three in only 1-3/4 inches.