ATI DA103 Audio Distribution Amplifiers are inexpensive high performance amplifiers designed to split and isolate audio signal lines.

The DA103 accepts a line level input, balanced or unbalanced audio at -20, -10 or +4dBu nominal and provides a line level output at +4dBm nominal level to balanced or unbalanced output lines. The DA103 input/output connectors are two piece solderless “Phoenix” types, individual for each input and output line.

The DA103 accepts a maximum line input level of +22dBu and presents it to a high impedance (20Kohms) balanced instrumentation amplifier input  and drives three servo balanced 600-ohm (minimum load) outputs up to +22dBm maximum. An internal input gain setting jumper plug optimizes the input stage gain, noise and headroom for nominal inputs at -20, -10 or +4dBu. The servo-balanced outputs automatically detect single-ended (one side grounded) loads, remove the drive signal from the grounded output and double the signal applied to the ungrounded output thus maintaining equal gain for both types of loading.

The DA103 requires 22 to 30VDC power and is designed to use an external 24VDC power supply (included with the unit). A pair of loop-thru DC connectors on the rear of each module permits several units to be daisy-chained using our 20602-1 DC power cables to a single power supply. The WA100-1 (included) and WA100-2 (230VAC), optional, are 400mA supplies. The DA103 draws about 100mA at full output. Any combination of units, which totals less than the supply rating, can be powered by a single supply.

Features & Benefits:

  • Independent servo balanced outputs
  • Master gain control
  • Individual output level controls
  • 1/3 RU wide enclosure, mounts 3 across in 1RU space
  • Multiple mounting and power options