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I want to thank you for the way you have gone above and beyond for us with this DA. This is the first time we have ever had any issues with any ATI product in the fourteen years this station has been on the air. At any given time, there are at least four ATI DA's on air in our facility.
  -- Brent Caffey, Audio Engineer, KGEB/GEB/MC Productions
I've used several pieces of [ATI] gear over the years. For example, all my sat demod digital outputs run through ATI DA's. They've been rock solid in my experience.
  -- Roger Karwoski, KBIA
We have ATI audio DA's and Mic Pre's - solid, well built stuff. I'm planning on ordering some additional DAs.
  -- Dave Kline, UNO-TV/KVNO, University of Nebraska at Omaha
We use both their analog and digital DA and they sound great and work fine.
  -- Mike Pappas, KUVO
After doing extensive internet searches regarding current and past phono preamps (some very esoteric), I have discovered that ATI preamps are still gems. As you might know, vinyl lately has seen a resurgence in popularity. Well for me, it was never unpopular. But I have just lately been looking a little closer at all of my home studio components to see if there is any room for improvement. I would have to say the ATI P1000 phono preamp is still one of the best out there.
  -- Dave Popovich
I am a big fan of your products. The [ATI audio distribution] system in the Liberty Bowl was installed in the early 80's. There are 2 ATI DA's that still work flawlessly. I use your product every chance I get.
  -- David Pierce, Technical Innovation
I grew up in a broadcast world that extolled the virtues of distribution amplifiers. I applied this to my digital audio distribution starting with the previous iteration of the satellite distribution system. I am using ATI's AES/EBU DA's. They have been very reliable, jitter < 3nanoseconds, and the front panel display helps with diagnosis. After PRSS solved an initial problem with the system, changing over to the new system was just a matter of changing the input cable to the DA.
  -- Roger Karwoski, KBIA
I know from past experience that ATI gear is not inclined to fail. By the way, this mixer will feed the inputs of a 360 Systems Image Server. We needed a product that would provide input level control, input panning, limiting, metering and sonic quality. Best of all, we liked the price! The [MX200C] mixer has everything we want and nothing we don't need.
  -- Roger Ewald, Media Engineer, Computing Service, Bellevue Community College
I love the DA416. It's the best. I've purchased over 50 units. In the future, I'll use only ATI. A great product, designed very nicely.
  -- Dave Wolf, CBS KFRG
I love your stuff! I really love your stuff!
  -- Bill Waller, VP Operations, Waller Broadcasting, Jacksonville, Texas
Thanks for coming out and helping us get our AES distribution working properly. Your iDDA212-XLR "Drive" units did the trick for us. We can now drive long cables with AES audio and it's rock solid. At a recent event, the talent noticed the better sound and complimented us on it.
  -- Bob Goldstein, President, Maryland Sounds

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