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1x3 MIC Distribution Amplifier XLR I/O

Your DMA103 Audio Distribution Amplifiers are inexpensive high performance amplifiers designed to split and isolate audio signal lines.

The DMA103 accepts a microphone level input signal and provides either line or microphone level outputs to drive balanced or unbalanced lines. Phantom microphone power is provided and all audio connections are made using XLR type connectors.

The DMA103 boosts a microphone level input up to line level with up to 80dB gain. A low noise transformerless input stage (A1) allows internal DIPswitch (S1) selection of input gain from 10, 20, 40 or 60dB to optimally match low or high output microphones. A Master Gain control is provided and individual front trimmers match differing output level requirements from –10 to +8dBm. Phantom microphone power at regulated +20.2 VDC from A10 is selected with an internal DIPswitch and is sufficient for most powered microphones. +48VDC phantom power is also available as a plug-in option (PH48-1), consult factory. Three servo-balanced output drivers drive balanced or one side grounded loads and individual jumper plug 54dB output attenuators (P1, P2, P3) provide –50dBm microphone level outputs if necessary.

The DMA103 requires a 22 to 30VDC and is designed to use a external 24VDC "Wall Wart" type power supply. A pair of loop-thru DC connectors on the rear of each module permits several units to be daisy-chained with P/N20602-1 DC power cables to a single power supply. The WA100-1 (included) and WA100-2 (230VAC) (optional) are 400mA supplies. The DMA103 draws about 100mA at full output. Any combination, which adds up to less than the supply rating, can be powered by a single supply.

Features & Benefits:
  • One microphone input to three servo balanced line outputs
  • DIP switch selection
  • Phantom power
  • Preamp gain
  • Master control gain
  • Independent trimmers
  • XLR input and outputs

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